At Foulds we wear our uniform with pride.  It is how we can be visibly distinguished as belonging to the Foulds Family.

Please label every item of uniform with your child’s name so that, if it ends up in lost property, it can easily find its way back to them. 

N.B. It is easy to label clothes using a sharpie pen.



White shirt with a collar and tie (in Year 6 only) OR white polo shirt without a tie.

Charcoal grey/black trousers - no fashion trousers OR green pinafore OR green/grey skirt

Green pullover or cardigan

School tie (in Year 6 only)

White or dark socks – no trainer socks OR plain green, grey, black, white tights

Dark shoes - no trainers (no heels, no slingbacks)

Waterproof coats – no fur, fashion, or denim. Small fur collars are acceptable.

Foulds School waterproof fleece-lined jacket



N.B. Can be worn after Easter until the end of the first half of the Autumn Term

Closed toe sandals (no slingbacks)

White or dark socks

Waterproof coat – no fashion or denim

Foulds School waterproof fleece-lined jacket

Black/grey shorts OR green and white checked dress (not striped)

Green pullover or cardigan


PE kits, including PE shoes MUST be in school every day.

White T. Shirt (with or without the school logo) and bottle green shorts (no logo)

Bottle green tracksuit top or hoody (with or without school logo) and black tracksuit bottoms (no logo)

P.E. shoes: Black gym plimsols for Infants

Trainer shoes (not boots) for Juniors

All children’s PE kits are kept in a draw string bag, which hang in the cloakrooms or in lockers.

As space is limited, no large kit bags, please and only one bag (clearly labelled) per child.


EYFS and KS1: school book bag (with no large key rings attached) 

KS2: a small ruck sack



Children should not wear any jewellery to school. 
Earrings should be a simple stud.

Nail varnish is not allowed.
Any accessories worn ie. gloves, hats, scarves need to be labelled with your child’s name.
Hair should be a natural hair colour.

Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied back.

Where to buy uniform:

The basic uniform, with the school logo, can be bought locally from:



A satisfactory equivalent can often be purchased from any local supermarket.