The Foulds Community believes in:

  • Enjoying school - building a love of learning (lifelong learners)

  • Inspiring

  • Safety

  • Holistic development – a well-rounded passionate individual, investing in strong foundations (emotional and academic) so that they have a good head on their shoulders.

  • Striving high in all areas of the curriculum - trying your best, challenging yourself

  • Being aspirational, high achieving (all types of abilities are recognised and valued – we find and celebrate individual talent and strengths) – offering a full curriculum and recognising the importance of extra-curricular activities.

  • Preparing children to learn from mistakes, adapt after failure (seeing it as an opportunity to grow) and to achieve goals now and in the future – growth mindset, resilient, inspired, confident, independent, co-operative.

  • Being principled – knowing right from wrong, having morals, being global citizens.

  • Respectful, healthy, valued relationships for all - team work – all working towards the same goal – (children, staff, parents)

  • Every day being important

  • Children having the confidence to be who they want to be

  • Risk taking, initiative, tenacity, honesty, not being afraid to have a go or ask for help.

  • Rigour, consistency across the board (discipline, structure and boundaries).

  • Fairness and being supportive of each other.

  • Healthy children (a balanced diet and exercise)

  • Communication – we are open

  • Freedom of and space for respectful speech and opinion

  • Being inclusive and compassionate – giving equal opportunity, understand difference and ensure everyone is able to achieve, regardless of different needs and backgrounds.

The Foulds Community does not believe in:

  • All work and no play

  • Over emphasis on teaching to a test – hard and fast results over a balanced and happy individual

  • Controlling or micro-managing others

  • Unfairness

  • Accepting racism, homophobia, bullying, making fun of each other.

  • “I can’t”

  • A sense of entitlement

  • Everything being the teacher’s responsibility

  • All children being the same

  • Communication being used in a negative way

  • Homework for the sake of it

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