Our Results

We are very proud of the work of our pupils and staff in all year groups and these results show the impact of their efforts.   

Please note the results are not current due to no published data for 2020


At the end of Reception, teachers assess whether or not children have achieved a Good Level of Development (GLD) in the prime areas of learning and reading, writing and maths.

Percentage of children achieving GLD:

EYFS results.PNG

Phonics Check

At the end of Year 1 pupils sit a phonics screening check. Again, each cohort of children is different and has a different range of needs, so year on year comparisons are not always useful.

Percentage of children meeting expected standard in the phonics check:

Phonics 2019.PNG

KS1 Results

At the end of Year 2 children sit tests and their teachers form a judgement (using the information from the tests and from their work in class) as to whether or not children are meeting national expected standard or are working at greater depth within the expected standard.


Percentage of children attaining expected standard or higher:

KS1 2019.PNG

KS2 Results

At the end of Year 6 pupils are assessed in writing and sit tests in Reading, Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling.


Percentage of pupils meeting expected standard or higher:

KS2 data.PNG