Our Governors

Governors are there to help the school run effectively.  We are not involved in the day to day running of the school (termed operational matters) but are involved in helping the school to choose what direction it wants (termed strategic matters). Governors are involved in planning the strategic direction of the school, overseeing the financial performance of the school and ensuring that money is well spent and holding the head teacher and school leadership to account. 

The Foulds Governing Body is made up of staff, parents, local authority members and community members.  There are two committees, the Curriculum & Welfare Committee and the Resources Committee. Each committee meets once a term and the Full Governing Body (FGB) meets once a term also.  The Resources Committee oversees, amongst other things, the school premises, the school budget, staffing and health and safety. The Curriculum & Welfare Committee oversees, amongst other things, pupil attainment and progress, children with special educational needs, safeguarding and pupil behaviour. Governors go into school at regular intervals to understand how the curriculum is delivered and talk to the children about their learning and provide feedback to their relevant committee.  The chair of each committee then provides a report at the FGB meeting.

What Do Our Governors Do?




Kavita is a parent to two children aged fourteen and nine years old, one of whom is at Foulds. She has been a governor at Foulds for over 10 years.  During that time she has held the roles of Safeguarding and Health and Safety Governor and chaired the Resources Committee. She has also held the roles of Vice Chair and Co-Chair and took on the role of Chair in July 2021.  Kavita is also an independent member of AdoptLondonNorth and sits on their adoption panel.  She has had a career spanning over 25 years in investment and retail banking and currently works in life insurance focusing on quantitative risk management. She is the proud owner of two English bulldogs and a lover of music especially George Michael.

Sara Starr.jpg


Sara is the Vice-Chair of governors and the SEN/Pupil Premium Lead Governor and has been a governor since 2020. She has 3 children, all of whom have been or are at Foulds, and as a result is now well versed in how to have a growth mindset.  Sara is a solicitor working in the area of child protection and so has a particular interest in ensuring that the more vulnerable children at the school are protected and thrive.  Outside of work and governor duties Sara enjoys being a chauffeur to her children and keeping the cat in line.



Madeleine has three children at Foulds and has been a parent governor since 2019. She is currently chairing the Resources Committee, which sits well with her experience of charitable governance and organisational development. She is regularly blown away by the responsibilities involved in running a school - all the work that goes on behind the scenes - for compliance, but also to create the best possible learning environment. Madeleine, having never run before, took part in the Foulds 5K and now runs once a week! She loves a PTA event and the Foulds community.



Tom is Chair of the Curriculum and Welfare Committee and has been a co-opted governor since 2019 (though he hopes to become a parent governor when his young children reach Foulds age). He is Vice Principal at The Totteridge Academy, leading on Curriculum and Outcomes, and enjoys supporting many Foulds students as they continue their education into secondary school. In his spare time, Tom used to be a keen sportsman, playing anything from football to golf, but now has a two- and four-year-old so spends his spare time being screamed at by tiny people.



Malini was appointed as a co-opted governor in November 20221 and is keen to learn about and apply the various aspects of good school governance . She brings 20+ years of finance experience to contribute towards the effective oversight of the school's financial management and strategy. Malini has mentored school children for a number of years and in her spare time likes to go walking, play golf and sing as part of a local choir.



Maggie has been a co-opted Governor since 2017. She has two children at Foulds and is continually amazed by how wonderfully the school has adapted to the various challenges of the past few years. Maggie is a non-practising tax solicitor working as a legal editor, both roles that sit well with her responsibilities on the school’s Resources Committee. In her free time, Maggie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, visiting family in Germany and thinking about when would be the right time to get a dog.



Local High Barnet Councillor, David Longstaff, has been a Local Authority appointed governor at Foulds since 2010.  He sits on the Resources Committee and provides general assistance when any dealings with the local authority are seemingly lost in the ether. At Barnet Council, David is the Deputy Leader and the Lead Member for Children, Education and Safeguarding. His day job is as an actor and roleplayer.



Lucy joined Foulds as a co-opted governor in 2020 and sits on the Resources Committee. A senior counsel and Managing Director at an investment bank, Lucy aims to put the governance and risk skills that she has honed throughout her career to good use in the local community. Lucy has 2 young children and enjoys music, travel and cooking.



Paul is a parent governor with two children in Foulds School. He currently sits on the Curriculum and Welfare Committee. Paul is a medical scientist developing new cancer therapies and teaches at UCL. In his spare time, he enjoys building things in his workshop, playing padel tennis and baking. 

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Saniya is a class teacher currently working in Year 3/4 and has been at Foulds since 2019. She has two children, one of whom started Reception this academic year and she now takes pleasure in immersing herself in multiple roles as a staff member, a parent and a staff governor. Saniya is also the History Leader and enjoys exploring various experiences to help engage children and staff to have memorable days, such as; Roman Day and International Day. 

In her spare time (when there is any!) Saniya enjoys cooking, painting and eating Sushi!

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Kim Sanett has been the Headteacher of Foulds for almost four years.  Prior to joining Foulds, she was Deputy Head in schools in Hackney and Barnet and has taught in all year groups.   Kim is passionate about ensuring all pupils get the very best education possible, have many different opportunities and understand about community as well as how to give back.   

In her spare time, Kim enjoys running, watching Chelsea and walking the family dog (which she tried to claim as her own!).