Our Curriculum Intent - Learning the Foulds Way


Our curriculum sparks awe and wonder in our children

Our curriculum is exciting, fun, creative and provides a wealth of experiences that fuels a thirst for learning.   We focus on the learning of skills. Knowledge is taught through experiences both in and out of school.


Our curriculum embodies our vision of all children being lifelong learners

We put a huge emphasis on the children understanding metacognition and the idea of growth mindset.   We want our children to be proud of themselves and their achievements, learning to speak positively about themselves and their peers and share their skills with others. We want them to have a clear understanding of how they learn best, what helps them to do well and to feel able to approach challenges with confidence, knowing that mistakes are part of their learning and should be celebrated as a way to get closer to reaching a solution.   Our values of resilience, respect, teamwork, self-belief, kindness and responsibility underpin our curriculum.


We have a broad curriculum that is underpinned by a focus on consistent development and use of reading and writing skills 

There is clear progression, where skills and knowledge grow over time.   We know our children learn best through an active curriculum, where they learn through talk.  We have built on this, starting with Talk for Writing, and extending this out to the full curriculum. 


Our curriculum is manageable

We have carefully refined this to core knowledge required to allow for skills to be honed so that children are equipped for the next stage of their education and learn to become global citizens.   Where valuable connections can be made, cross curricular links are used. However, we recognise that these work best when they are not forced and therefore we know that they will not be used all of the time.  


There is space in our curriculum

We purposefully leave space to ensure that depth can be given to the children’s learning where their interests are piqued within a subject or topic.   We ask the children what they would like to learn more about within their learning and make space for this to be acted upon. This allows us to find opportunities for application of new skills learnt, for some of the learning to be child led and for depth. 


Everyone is involved in our curriculum

There is time built into teachers’ planning for pupil voice so that they are part of the learning journey.   Parents are asked annually about their skills so that they can be involved in the teaching of our curriculum wherever possible, offering real life experience to bring context to what we are learning.


Our curriculum gives our children a toolkit for learning

Our curriculum allows children to discover who they are as learners, what they personally need to be able to learn effectively and to have a selection of different strategies that they know they can dip in and out of when faced with new learning and challenges. 


Our extra-curricular activities add value

Foulds offers a wide range of clubs as extra-curricular activities.  This offer increases with the age of the children. We encourage children to sign up for these activities; we see them as a way to offer different opportunities to those offered in the classroom.


Our curriculum is underpinned, as everything in our school, by our Foulds’ vision and values.

We believe that these key skills will enable our children to succeed in life, no matter what they face because they will have this toolkit to allow them to adapt to whatever they face.